Today, PGA & LPGA Professionals teach everybody how to play golf: juniors, seniors, high handicappers. So what are you waiting for? Learn how to play better golf today!

Want a more enjoyable golf experience? Learn to play golf the proper way.

Unlike going to the dentist, going to your PGA or LPGA Professional for a lesson is a rewarding experience that can be shared over and over again. Teaching has always been an integral part of The PGA’s mission, and its members remain the game’s experts and leaders.

Disclaimer: If you just happen to see your dentist on the course, odds are they're out here working on their swing too.

Hillandale Professional Instructors

Professional Golf Lessons

Hillandale offers golf lessons to players of all levels and abilities:
  • Male and female golfers from age 4 and up
  • Beginners, high-handicap, and low-handicap golfers
  • Amateur golfers interested in tournament play
  • Accomplished players wanting to experience a higher level of play
  • Group lessons and golf clinics
  • Lessons with club fitting for enhanced performance