Tee Time Policy

Tee Times

Public Tee Times can be made up to seven (7) days in advance, for 2 – 4 Players. Tee Times cannot be made for single players, HOWEVER, we will make every effort to pair single players with groups if we are booked.

All Players are encouraged to call the Pro Shop at 919-286-4211 with any questions regarding tee times.

Golf Cart Policy

COVID-19 Update: Playing at Hillandale: Social distancing is MANDATORY and is to be observed by all golfers.

Groups of 5 or more are not to gather at Hillandale Golf Course, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Golf carts are issued to one golfer and one golf bag only. No exceptions.

Water coolers, ball washers, trap rakes and bathrooms have been removed.

A pool “noodle” has been inserted into the hole so golf balls do not go into it to be retrieved. Please DO NOT TOUCH THE FLAG STICK.