Three reasons why every golfer should be fitted:

1. Poorly fitted golf equipment will affect an otherwise fundamentally sound golf swing.
2. A less than fundamentally sound golf swing can be helped considerably by properly fitted equipment.
3. If you are pursuing a better golf swing, properly fitted equipment will enhance your learning process through better feedback and ball performance.

At Hillandale, the Performance Fit Club Fitting process is tailored to the individual.

Hillandale has award winning knowledgeable PGA certified golf professionals to help you achieve your goals. It is our belief that no fitting goes without some very important swing discussions/evaluations as this can effect equipment and ball flight performance. Communication is our top tool in fitting our customers with equipment.

No computer spit outs here telling you how you hit it, we use on the spot evaluation and analysis by trained professionals! With demo clubs representing all major manufacturers, you will have the opportunity to experience the performance of the equipment on a real turf driving range where you can feel and see for yourself the benefits of the club you are testing. Hillandale Golf Course also offers the use of a Flight Scope Monitor to study launch angles, spin rates and carry distances of your golf shots.

Club Fitting Fees:

Driver: $50

Iron: $75

Wedge: $50

Putter: $50

Full Bag: $150

The Performance Fit System has six goals:

1. All details matter including physical capabilities
2. We fit every golf club to be as user friendly as possible
3. Equipment function dictates our recommendations for your golf clubs
4. We strive to achieve: optimum desired shot trajectory; consistently solid contact; and predictable distance spacing.
5. We fit to your strengths and accommodate your weaknesses.
6. Improved performance is the only true test

Our Performance Fitting System has five easy steps:

1. Personal Interview
2. Current equipment evaluation
3. Personal physical/performance evaluation
4. Recommended fitting solutions through shot evaluation
5. Optimum club selection and set make-up recommendations