Club Repair

Broken Head?
Club bent?
Need new grips?

Hillandale’s Club Repair Department is open and more than capable to help. With all new equipment and machinery, our club repair technicians are ready to handle any of your club repair needs.

Golf clubs take a beating on and off the course. Keep your clubs looking and feeling new with Hillandale's Club Repair.

Wear and tear on your clubs can affect your game and your score.

Bring your clubs to the Hillandale Pro Shop for a free Wear Assessment.

Golf Pride Grips – Prices Do Not Include Installation
GP MCC AlignGP CP2 WrapGP Tour VelvetGP Decade Multi-Compound
GP CP2 ProGP Tour Wrap 2GGolf Pride Tour Velvet JumboGP VDR
GP Green Victory GripGP MCC Plus 4GP Multi-Compound
Putter Grips – Prices Do Not Include Installation
Flat Cat Fat Putter Grip$23.00Super Stroke 1.0 Putt$15.00
Flat Cat Std Putter $23.00Super Stroke 2.0 Putt$22.00
Flat Cat Svelte Putter Grip$23.00Super Stroke 3.0 Putt$22.00
Golf Pride New Decade$8.00Golf Pride Players Wrap$9.00
Golf Pride Pro Score Cord$11.00Golf Pride Tour Tradition$11.00
GP Tour SNSR$25.00
Winn Grips – Prices Do Not Include Installation
68WM-USA$9.0068 WS Black$9.00
68 WS RWB$10.0068 WS GBW$10.00
68 TL GB$11.00J8LTL-BW$14.00