May 21st Facility Update – FAQ’s

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May 10, 2020
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MAY 21, 2020

RE: Customer FAQ’s

With the new policies beginning May 22, 2020 you may have some questions on how to utilize HGC for your playing pleasure.  We have compiled some questions and answers for you and if you have further questions please feel free to contact us!  As our state and community begins the process of “re-opening”, we are continuing to adjust to a new way so please, let patience, kindness and respect for one another rule our days.  Thank you!

“May I have a cart key now instead of waiting?”

Answer: “I apologize; however we are embracing the tee sheet on a basis of immediate use to control our inventory with no exceptions.  Please be patient with us.”

“I would like to play but the tee time is color coded and reserved for walkers. You have all kinds of tee times open for walkers and I want to ride!  Why can’t I use one of those times?”

Answer: “I apologize; however we have a limited inventory of golf carts and with single rider use we have to limit where and how those are utilized in order to help as many customers as possible.”

I would like to play golf and ride with my wife in the same golf cart, are we allowed to do this?

Answer: “Under the new guidelines, those living in the same household as a family may now ride together.  Carts must be designated by a flag symbolizing those two golfers live in the same household”

“I am playing today and want to reserve a golf cart.”

Answer: “I apologize, however we are not permitting golf cart reservations.  All golf carts are designated based on color coded rider/walker tee time reservations and in proper sequence of those times.  At this time golf carts are not permitted to be taken to the driving range.”       

“I am playing at the 7:40 time with my friends and they are riding but I want to walk.  Do I have to ride?”

Answer: “Not at all!  You may certainly walk!”

“Am I permitted to just hanging out in the golf shop?”

Answer: “I’m sorry sir/ma’am, but we are complying with the CDC’s request that we embrace social distancing and gatherings.  At this time we are not permitting individuals to lounge in the golf shop.”

“I have a walking tee time at 7:49 and one of my partners is riding. Can he?”

Answer: “I am sorry sir, but riders may only play during the designated riding tee time due to single passenger/same household usage and inventory control.  You may reserve a “Riding Tee Time” and walk with your friend during that time.”

“Is your driving range open?”

Answer: “Although driving ranges are now open in our city and county, due to COVID-19 and now tropical storm Arthur, we are delayed in getting our replacement netting up on the range.  Until that project is completed the range will remain closed however we are hopeful it will be open the week of May 25.”

“Will I still have to social distance on the course and on the driving range?”

Answer: “In compliance with Governor Cooper and Mayor Schewel, social distancing is still mandatory even on the golf course and the driving range.”